Gift Certificates

We have been offering them for a little while now, but figured it might be easiest for you folks out there that are curious to have some answers questions and find an easy place to request them! Birthdays, holiday gifts, anniversaries, and even a random present or surprise!

We now offer you our official MT Hydro Image Gift Certificates Page!


  • We currently limit each gift certificate to $500.00 US Dollars, but no limit on number of gift certificates purchased.
  • Yes, we are able to track gift certificates with our invoicing system, so no luck on forgeries or scams!
  • Gift certificates are given out only by Todd R. or Sean L., and will be signed by one of them. If you receive a gift certificate without one of those names on there, please contact us!
  • There is no time-limit or expiration date on gift certificates!
  • Gift certificates are only refundable by the purchaser unless otherwise specified. If you have any further questions, please contact us!
  • We will either mail you the gift certificate or give it to you in person if you are located in the Missoula area. Re-prints are not a problem!
  • If you have any more questions please feel free to contact Todd or Sean! Thanks for stopping by! Please fill out the form below to get the ball rolling!



Please fill this out as completely as possible and submit in order to get the ball rolling on purchasing a MT Hydro Image Gift Certificate today!.

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