Oct 25

First Hunting Season + First Doe + Custom Rifle = Epic!!

We are very proud of Todd’s son Riley for taking his first doe in his first season up here in Western Montana! His custom rifle stock with an orange base and SN Defected pattern no doubt helps make this experience more memorable! Happy customers and great memories are what we’re about at MTHI! Remember we’ve got ya covered!

Riley's first doe! - Rifle Stock Orange Base with SN Defected

Jun 18

New Patterns, Lacrosse Sticks and Ammo Cans!

Well we have a new pattern from ShawNaughty Designz called forbidden forest we were able to play around with before it’s official release. We are excited to present Forbidden Forest to the public and can’t wait to see this pattern out there on all sorts of projects! It’s great over many colors! Remember it’s a black ink-based pattern so brighter colors will provide the best results. But were were very happy with Wes’s wife’s rifle stock with a metallic blue base we both thought was going to be too dark, but we feel it’s pretty cool! In the end we have a happy customer and you can be the judge! Also we have been working on ammo cans, and dipped our stocked infected pattern over olive green for a sweet concept for possible future Zombunition Ammo Cans from Missoula’s very own Selway Armory! Also we are excited to announce that we are dipping mass quantities of lacrosse sticks for Sargent Sticks out of Missoula, MT. The owner, Tucker is selling his sticks all over the USA and Canada along with being the head coach of the Montana Grizzlies’ Lacrosse Team, so keep an eye out on the fields!

Jun 05

Red Carbon Fiber GSX-R

We’d like to thank Eric R. for choosing MTHI for taking his GSX-R to the next level! We really enjoyed refinishing his panels in red carbon fiber to give his bike just the right amount of red and black contrast. We are very happy with the results as is he! Most bikes are nice, a lot even look nice, but let us help you make them look amazing and something you’re going to enjoy and be proud of!


Jun 04

Wheels, Bowties and Boat Panels!

We’ve been up to all sorts of things here at MTHI! With the weather all over the map it’s been good to stay busy when the sun’s not shining. We’ve had all sorts of great project turnouts lately and here’s some pictures for you to take a look at and get motivated for your next project! We’ve got ya covered!

May 22

Old HD Sportster Ironhead Revival

Our friend Keith is working on reviving an old, worn and rusted Harley Davidson Sportster Ironhead into his own creation. We are proud to have helped him along the way by refinishing a few of the parts on his ride. Between the tank, fenders and covers we dipped for him and some other parts he’s added this thing has already turned out to be a better find than we all imagined. Thanks again to Keith B. for choosing MTHI and we look forward to seeing this bike become something truly epic!

May 07

More Pink Rifle Stocks!

We must say we didn’t expect pink to be one of our customers’ favorite base colors! Though we don’t mind dipping over pink and we’ve had some good results! Here’s rifle stock we just recently completed for Rob G.’s daughter is a pink base with Shawnaughty’s Lil’ Hades pattern. If you want a pink camo or pattern on your refinish, we’ve got ya covered!

May 06

Refinished parts + Reassemble + Sun Comes Out = Time to Ride!

Well, at least up here in beautiful Missoula, Montana, where it’s sunny and pushing 80F! Hot rods and motorcycles have been popping up all over the place as expected, but knowing that there are quite a few this year that have something truly unique makes us feel good and their owners feel even better!

Take our customer, Mitch A. for example. His Yamaha Stryker is a sweet bike stock, but with just a few pieces refinished in Reaper Black and took it to the next level! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more parts off of his ride when the snow flies! If you have any covers, tins, fenders or tanks you want refinished on your ride, we’ve got ya covered!

Apr 30

We are a member of Snawnaughty’s Pro Staff!

As of today we are officially a member of Shawnaughty Designz Pro Staff group of hydro dippers from across the country. This is a pretty big deal to us as we are always striving for the best we can offer to our customers and always looking for that next amazing pattern or neat trick to really customize that next project of yours. Click here to see the SN Pro Staff page that we should be added to here shortly and below is the youtube video we made specially for the Pro Staff page to display what we can do for you, our customers! As always, here at MTHI, we’ve got ya covered! If you want to see our other youtube videos, go to the top right of this page and click the youtube link. We will be releasing videos of various projects and dips to show you just how we do things here at MT Hydro Image. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

Apr 29

Henry Survival AR-7 Zombie Defense

If the itl weren’t already cool enough, we recently had the honors of dipping a Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 .22 for one of Todd’s good friends’ kid. Todd had been wanting to do something cool for the kid, and knowing that he liked zombies and we just happened to have some Infected from our friends over at Shawnaughty Designz in stock, well it all seemed too good to be true! Well it’s too good that’s for sure, but it’s also too true as well! Remember, here at MT Hydro Image, we’ve got ya covered!