Apr 29

Snake Skin Glocks? Oh ya, we’ve got ya covered there!

We have recently started stocking a new snake skin pattern and so far we gotta admit it looks pretty cool! When that next project slithers past your wallet, make sure you don’t skimp on the finished product! Let us help you make something truly unique and cool at affordable prices! Check out this Glock 9mm we recently cranked out, and yes we are using our recently stocked SN Flat Clear as well!


Apr 17

MultiCam is Here!

We’ve been playing with MultiCam recently and have one of our first customer dips with it out the door! Ben S’s XD 9mm slide sure looks sweet camo’d out! He was very happy with the results as are we! If you want modern military camo on your next project give us a shout!

Ben S's XD 9mm Slide dipped in MutliCam Camo

Apr 15

Cranking Out Springtime Dips!

We have been busy as ever with projects this spring here at MTHI! Be it dipping firearms, bows, coffee cups, or one of our new favorites, local brewery glass growlers. We have been doing it all, and have been having a great time doing what we do! Here are some pictures of a few projects for you to take a nice long look at and enjoy while you think about the next project that MTHI can help truly make yours! Remember, here at MT Hydro Image, we’ve got ya covered!

Also we have been busy revamping parts of the website, if you look in the Gallery section we have revamped the navigation of the images into categories for your viewing pleasure! As always, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

Mar 09

We’ve Got Your Wheels Covered!

We have been working closely with our friends over at Foss Custom Coatings so that we can dip over their powder coating. Let’s just say so far our results have been amazing to say the least! We hydro dipped a powder coated Chevy Cruze wheel last night in our Naughty Zombie pattern and it came out great! What we do after hydro dipping it is send it back to Foss for the powder coat clear which is much more durable than our automotive grade clear coats which makes it perfect for wheels to resist rock chips and road grime. You want to make your stock or aftermarket wheels truly unique and custom? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered!

Mar 02

New Gallery Page Up!

Well it took me long enough! We haven’t put up a gallery since last summer! What have we been up to? Well odds are you’ve seen between our news posts like this one that you’re reading and our facebook page. But I have some much higher resolution pictures in the new gallery for those that want an up-close look! When you like a picture, click on it, that will load the medium resized picture, if you want the full size, just click on the link that states the resolution above the picture (it should say something like 4000×2500 or similar).

We are proud of our work, proud enough to put it on display at full resolution with our shop camera, which is a trustly old Panasonic Lumix DSM-TS2 tough camera. It’s been my camera for years, I’ve beat it, submerged it in water, froze it, dropped it, almost melted it, and the thing still takes amazing pictures! Just go take a look for yourself! We will eventually improve our photo booth setup and attain an even better camera, but until then we are pretty happy with the results! So if you wanna see what we’ve been up to, go check out the updated Gallery section, or since I’m a nice guy, here’s the link to the new page!

Late Summer 2012 to Late Winter 2013 Gallery

We hope you all have a great weekend! As always please don’t drink and drive! Spring is so close here in Missoula we can’t help but get outside and enjoy the warm 55F weather! While you’re out, take a look at your stuff, see what you want refinished in one of our many patterns available, and remember here at MT Hydro Image, we’ve got ya covered!

Mar 02

All Smiles! That’s What We’re About!

We enjoy what we do, that’s not even a question. But what we enjoy just as much if not even more is the smile on the face of the recipient to our refinished items! Time and time again, we have given people a very good reason to smile and be excited for something, and it’s just as exciting for us to present it to them and see them go from not knowing what to expect to shock and awe and excitement. While we weren’t able to directly hand this to Madison S., her parents made sure to get us a picture of her with her newly refinished birthday present! Happy birthday Madison! We hope it was an amazing day and very memorable!

Feb 28

Officially Announcing Muddy Girl Camouflage!

Well we have spent some time playing with this new pattern (to us) and have found that it works great! After a few trial and error runs, we figured it out and are proud to release some photos of our first customer with this pattern! The honors goes to Ben and Windy S. Thanks you for choosing Montana Hydro Image and enjoy!

Feb 25

Brewery Growlers and RC Truck Bodies!

We have been really enjoying all the projects and inquiries that have come our way this last month. Some of my personal favorites were the brewery growlers we dipped, one was for a charity raffle, one was a donation to Missoula’s own Big Sky Brewery. The last one was for one of our customers Nick L. We have really enjoyed dipping something new like these growlers, and the outcome was better than we expected! We have also taken to dipping coffee cups as well, which seems to be very popular as well and very cool! Take your boring coffee mug and let’s make it unique! The popularity of both of  these items has really taken off here in the Missoula area! Prices for a growler dip start at $35, coffee cups start at $20 contact us for more information! Until then, enjoy the pictures below!

So you want your RC car or truck to be on fire without it actually burning down? Why not have us take your rc body, give it some color and lay out some Naughty Fire over it? Take this customers’ rc truck body we recently completed, which was painted in our standard white base coat prior to being dipped in Naughty Fire. All we can say is we really enjoyed this project and are very happy with the end results! Now let’s just hope our customer doesn’t wreck it and shatter the body!

With spring coming, it’s a good time to tear the hoods and windshields off of your snow mobile and get them refinished! When your sledding season is done, we’ve got ya covered!

Feb 12

Fired Up Projects!

A customer wanted his AR-15 and rc truck body done in Naughty Fire over white. We were happy to oblige! And of course very proud of our work we are pleased to bring you a few shots from the finished projects! Thanks for your support, and if you are interested, let us know! We’ve got ya covered!

Feb 02

Great Start to an EPIC 2013!

Well folks, we’ve been as busy as ever and are only getting busier! Thanks for the continued support and constant inquiries! We’ve gained quite a few new friends, fans and customers in 2013 and we are just getting started!

While I have been slacking on posting on the website, here’s what we’ve been up to.