May 24

Illusion Flame Pattern!

Yes that’s another awesome flame pattern to keep in mind when your deciding what to dip your piece in. This is the first flame pattern in the Illusion patterns tab. LL-13-07. Keep in mind you can choose different colors of paint to put under these patterns, customizing their look. This one is dipped over a bright red base coat!

May 23

We Dip Exhaust Tips Too!

We are working with Grizzly Harley Davidson here in Missoula, Montana for some custom pieces for your motorcycle(s)! Stop on down there and check out what they have to offer! Some great deals on some truly amazing rides! Everything you need from bikes to accessories to safety gear to beyond their top notch staff will be able to confidently assist you in all of your needs!

Today we are showing you the beginning of our project, the exhaust tips. We did one in our premium Morning Wood Camo and the other in ShawNaughty’s Naughty Flamez, both over a  white base coat. We finished them off with a hi-gloss clear and polish to make them really stand out! We do have more pieces from this project coming soon, so stay tuned!

On another note, we’ve been asked what the durability of our process is. It comes down more to the primers, paints and clears more-so than our patterns. We recommend that no item get hotter than 350-400F without expecting failure. But when it comes to rifle barrels, exhaust tips, and anything that can stay below that threshold, we see no problems with durability, quality and lasting finish. We are using hi quality automotive grade primers, paints and clear coats for all of our projects. We want you to come back with something new to dip, the only time we want to see your item return is when you want to change the pattern up to something new! Our promise is in our pride and quality!

May 22

Snake Skin! Now that my Friends is EPIC!

Hey folks! We have been playing with a snake skin pattern we just got in, and it’s turned out nicer than we expected! So much in fact that we just had to put EPIC in the title to show how excited we are for this pattern. We are looking forward to some future projects with this pattern!


May 20

ZooTown Paintball BT-4 Combat Marker Photo Shoot

I know we just posted a picture of this newly customized paintball marker, but since we had so many good pictures turn out that we should show you some of our favorites! Thanks to ZooTown for stopping by and giving us the opportunity to customize one of their markers. Enjoy the pictures! If you live around Missoula, MT and are interested in paintball at all, please stop by ZooTown’s Facebook Page, like and get in contact with them! This is the first of many projects that we are working with them, it’s about to get even more exciting around the shop here at MT Hydro Image so stay tuned!

May 19

Finished Cow Skull and ZooTown Paintball Projects

Well folks, we are very proud to present our two most recent projects! First up is our Cow Skull which was finished off with a hi-gloss clear after dipping in our barbed wire with shadow pattern. Next up we have a project we can’t wait for others to see and enjoy, a project we worked with the local paintball extablishment, ZooTown Paintball. We did a 50-50 dip on a BT-4 Combat Paintball Marker, one half we did our hunting camo and the other was tan digital military camo, followed by our low gloss clear. Both turned out great!

May 17

Chevy Bow Ties and Cow Skulls!

Well we have some fun stuff to show you today! Some may have already seen these on our facebook page, but if you have not then here ya go. We have been dipping some extra Chevrolet truck bowties in a variety of patterns with excellent results! Along with that, we happened to luck on a steer skull that was just asking for our barbed wire with shadow pattern! We think both of these projects turned out amazing and are excited to share them with you! Enjoy! If you have comments let us know at the About Us page contact form or on facebook!

May 14

New Website Design!

Well we only had the last design up for a couple of short months before I decided to overhaul the website. All for very good reasons! The biggest one is to link with our customers better, which also includes some facebook support/integration, easier navigation, more compatible browsing, and also an easier work load for me (that means more dipping and less computer time!).

We are very excited to bring you our new website! We have integrated invoicing, paypal payment support, revised contact forms, and I will be adding to the Patterns section and Gallery section as the days go by! Between here and our facebook page, there will be a LOT to see and get excited about! Thank you for your support!