Welcome to our Services Section!

Welcome to our services section. Here you can read a quick description of offered services we provide. If you decide you are interested in what we have to offer then we ask that you fill out the services form located at the bottom of this page. Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

Hydro Dipping

The hydro dipping process also known as water transfer imaging is the process of applying decorative patterns to almost any plastic, metal, wood and even bone item. We start our process by first preparing the surface of your item by cleaning, sanding, media blasting or whatever we have to do to get the proper surface preparation for the rest of the process. If you would like to know more about this amazing process that can completely change the looks of about anything, take a look on our hydro dipping page!

Common Questions:

Q: I want an item from one of your pictures, how do I buy it?

A: Good question, most items you see pictured are our customers’ refinished items. You send us an item to refinish. Some items are new, some used. We do not stock refinished items unless otherwise specified.

Q: I had someone you or someone else hydro-dip my item, I now want to take it back to the original look and finish.

A: This can be a problem, as our process includes destroying the original finish and sometimes with the sanding and media blasting, permanent markings on the item below the layers of primer, paint, ink and clear coating. We consider our process as permanent in most respects. Sure we can sand it down and do something different, but we do not take units back to their original finishes in most situations, and in many situations such a restoration will not be possible or excessive labor will be necessary.

When you think of getting something hydro dipped, please plan on that being a permanent change. As stated before we can change the paint color, pattern, etc. though!

Q: I want a custom pattern, do you guys do this?

A: We do not create patterns at this point. It may be someday in the future, but at this point we depend primarily on other resources for our custom pattern needs. Do keep in mind that custom patterns for your project will cost substantially more than a currently bulk printed pattern we already have available.

Q: I have more questions! Where can I ask them?

A: You can e-mail us, call us, fill out a contact form is probably the best way initially. We try to get back to all our inquiries promptly. Thank you for showing so much interest!

Firearm Dis-assembly Notice

We love refinishing and dipping firearms of all types, shapes and sizes! We have done many and look forward to many more! We must point out that we are only accepting pieces of a firearm, meaning they must be tore down and we will only accept the parts we are modifying. The reason for this is that we do not have an FFL, so we cannot accept a fully functioning firearm, tear it down and modify it and re-assemble it.

At this point in time, if we make a deal to refinish parts of your firearm, be it a rifle stock or pistol slide, we ask that all parts be removed, cleaned and have no firing pins, triggers, bolts, bullets or anything that would make it be deemed as a weapon or easily re-assembled to be shot. We thank you for your understanding in this issue.

If you are not comfortable completely tearing down your firearm, we feel you should take it to your preferred gun smith and pay him/her to do that for you and see if you can learn to tear it down. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and ask, we will be more than happy to work with you and answer your questions.

Scope Waiver

You want your firearm scope dipped? We got ya covered! But we need you to fill out the waiver located in the download link below. The reason for this is we will not be responsible for possible water damage and irreversible changes that will be made to the scope.

However if you are well aware of your scope’s water handling abilities, and want to continue on then please download the scope waiver by clicking the download button below. Our scope waiver is in PDF format and requires a PDF Reader like Adobe PDF Reader. Thank you!


Media Blasting

We also offer services in media blasting items. We have a small media blaster that is very useful for rifle stocks, wheel covers, center caps, some wheels (no larger than 20″), metal parts of all shapes and sizes that are not larger than a 20″ wheel. No bumpers yet, but if you have some smaller jobs and don’t have access to a media blaster, we will totally


We can offer painting as it’s already one of the steps we do to our hydro dipping process. While we prefer to add a pattern to paint for something more unique, we can work with you on small and medium-sized paint jobs. We have access to 1000’s of shades of paint. The finish options are the same as the hydro dip options as well. Again painting is the same steps we already do with hydro dipping without the hydro dipping steps! So if you want a custom paint job, we’ve got ya covered! Keep in mind, custom paint job does not mean custom air brushing.

Request a Quote!

Below you will find our quote request form! At this point if you would like a part dipped or otherwise customised, we ask that you please contact us with the form below. We will work with you on your project, work out a fair price, and get the ball rolling to start your next custom project off with something truly unique! We hope to hear from you soon!

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